Go hug a tree

A Forest Service report found that trees save hundreds of lives a year. Aside from helping release the oxygen we breathe, providing wildlife habitat and somewhere to build treehouses, giving us something to build treehouses from, and making us happier, they also pull all kinds of pollutants out of the air–a service that, according to the USDA, saves 850 lives a year and prevents hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks and other respiratory episodes. And that’s just in the United States! Urban trees are especially important pollution filters, so next time you nearly stumble over a tree root sticking out of the cracked sidewalk, don’t curse. Instead, turn around and give the tree a big ‘ol hug, and maybe even an appreciative massage*. It deserves it, just for being what it is.

Lets all show these guys some love.

Thanks, tree!


*WARNING: Tree massaging may be illegal in some states. Check your local regulations.


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