Just in case you needed more bad news on climate change…

Oh yeah, so it turns out that all these climatic effects are interconnected, and previous models of climate change and sea-level rise are missing some key positive feedback loops (at least, according to William Hay of the University of Colorado) — which might explain why they keep being wrong.

“You would expect negative feedbacks to creep in at some point,” says Hay. “But in climate change, every feedback seems to go positive.”

**To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I understand the part in the ScienceDaily article about Arctic ocean circulation — possibly because I haven’t seen the GSA lecture. I thought freshwater inputs from melting sea ice were supposed to inhibit heat transport to the Arctic, not cause warmer water to flow in. But I’m done thinking for today, it’s already 6 p.m.**

Yet another reminder that the global climate is ridiculously complex. Good luck, climate-modeling guys! I’ll be here hitting myself on the head with a spoon.


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